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Powder beauty products are the cost-effective and eco-friendly way of the future

As makeup giants begin to gravitate towards sustainable packaging and cleaner formulas, it only makes sense that skincare and haircare brands continue to unveil new beauty breakthroughs with environmental sustainability in mind. While many brands are taking steps such as using ethically sourced ingredients, others are finding way to develop waterless formulas that cut down on waste and energy consumption.

Budding haircare brand OWA, for example, offers a water-activated powder shampoo that effectively (and gently!) cleanses the hair without any harsh ingredients. And unlike traditional liquid shampoos, which rely on liquid solvents, OWA CEO and founder Kailey Bradt argues that consumers get more for their money when investing in powdered products.

“With a waterless formula, we aren’t taking water out of the bottle—we aren’t even putting it in,” Bradt tells HelloGiggles. “Less water in the product means more uses for the consumer, and less waste and less energy used to manufacture and distribute the product.”


Skincare brands are taking note. 100% PURE‘s new powder cleanser and face mask products were released in September of this year, and indie brand Acaderma also plans on bringing powder products to your daily routine, with a new series of boosters (which will include powdered skincare) slated to launch in 2020. But it’s not just the indie and traditionally clean brands that are leaning this way. Drugstore brand Bioré also offers a powder cleansing scrub—for only $11.

Sustainability factor aside, Shuting Hu, Ph.D., a biological research cosmetic scientist and founder of Acaderma, even says that powdered products are more effective than their liquid counterparts since powder formulas tend to allow active ingredients to be more stable.

“Powder is used to make the active ingredients in skincare more stable, which ultimately, would make them more effective,” Hu told HelloGiggles. “When powder is added to the base formula before the final stage, it maximizes how effective the product will be.”

While powder-based skincare and haircare products are undeniably the eco-friendly way of the future, we spoke more with Hu (plus other cosmetic chemists) to answer all your burning questions surrounding these type of products. From what ingredients to look out for to how powdered products could potentially save you more money, below is full 411 on powdered skincare and haircare products.


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